“I want to create my own website and have my name in my email address”


Do you?

Ok, its easy with a little help….and I’m happy to  help you. Just follow these simple instructions to get going:


Go to Paypal and open an account click HERE

Paypal is the universally accepted secure way to buy or sell online and the Internet has evolved through the years so you can feel safe with this way of paying for things


Next go toGoDaddy.com click HERE  and see if the domain name you want is available. Before jumping in you might like to run it by me because its best to have a domain name with good keywords. On the other hand if you want to register your name just go ahead, it doesn’t cost much.

Note: Get a dot com or dot net , if in Ireland and you specifically want a dot ie it costs a lot more, in most cases is not necessary and they also look for a lot more information. For further guidance in this regard contact me

Then click on this link HERE for your hosting account. The 12 month price is about $48 and you can have many websites running off this

Once you have this all done, you have to link your domain name to your hosting company and install a wordpress site. Then you need to install a theme. Now this all sounds very techy but I will do it for you after you have got this far. Then I will show you how to login to your site and show you how to make it, something you will enjoy doing…. and of course I will help you if you get stuck.

In no time at all you will have your own website, your own email address and impress all your friends and make money from it if that is what you want to do

Good Luck!